Guest Panelist @ Animangapop

Born in Hiroshima, Japan, Eiko studied at Hiroshima City University. During her studies Eiko began volunteering at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival. Whilst there, she learned first hand what it takes to organise a successful animation festival. She then decided to study animation in the UK. After moving to South Wales, she missed having a local animation festival so much that in 2010 she set up the Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival, the only Japanese-themed animation festival in Wales. Always keen to promote Japanese culture and animation .As you can imagine, Eiko is a true Otaku.

Panel: “Anime – A Better Future”
An insight about the good things about Anime and not so very goods thing about the Animation industry in japan,
Good things – like Crunchyroll, Anime is getting even more popular all over the world, Some of the quality of Japanese Anime is excellent.

Bad thing- Ufotable Studio tax evasion. Why has the animation studio been able to make a loss while working on the project? Why are new animators just started a job is only paid 30,000 Yen per month? (£198 today’s rate) And how the Japanese industry is changing to improve the work environment now. Come and hear all about it.