Little Miss Houndoom

V Tuber @ Animangapop

Little Miss Houndoom

Leaders of the fortress of duel on and your virtual online resident Hellhound and dinosaur vtubers are stepping out of the 2D space and into 3D.

Little Miss Houndoom is a UK based streamer cosplayer and musician who provides weekly entertainment for her community at the hound pound amassing hundreds of viewers every stream who duel her and attempt to defeat the gauntlet known as the fortress of duel, but she doesn’t do it alone…

Hasher Brown the dinosaur man is always ready to duel! He is a UK based streamer on twitch running Yu-Gi-Oh events and pokemon challenge runs.

Together they run the fortress of duel and have even held a charity event raising over $11’000 for Ukraine crisis support.

So swing by and duel them to see if you can defeat their fortress!